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Human Rights Short Film Competition Screenplay Workshop


Do you feel strongly about gender equality?  Do you enjoy writing scripts for films?  Would you like to have a more in-depth discussion on this issue and learn about some new angles?  Why not sign up to attend our 6-week e-seminars created by Anadolu University's Prof. Dr. Nezih Orhon?   As places are limited, hurry up and send us your motivation letter!

TV series, games and films don't just entertain us; they also shape the societies we live in.  Gender roles we see on the big screen do not always portray or promote a fairer society with greater equality.  

If, as a film enthusiast, you also aspire to a gender equal environment, then let's work together with Anadolu University's Prof. Dr. Nezih Orhon and get together and discuss how to achieve this at a series of hour-long e-seminars over a period of 6 weeks.  

Prof. Dr. Nezih Orhon, who organizes seminars on gender equality and gives lectures on short film making, has developed a 6-part workshop.  This summer course, which combines theory and practice, will give you the opportunity to explore the topic in-depth with a group of people just as passionate as you.  Let's turn the spotlight on the existing system and work together to determine where things have gone wrong and how we can help fix them. 

To qualify for one of the 26 places for our free e-seminars, all you need to do is send us your motivation letter. 

Application deadline is 18 September 2020, 18:00.


Who can sign up?

All film enthusiasts including script writers, fully fluent in Turkish.


Selection Criteria

Each applicant will be required to submit a "motivation letter" outlining their commitment to the course.  The selection process will be based on these letters that must not exceed 3,000 signs including blank spaces.

The letter must address the following questions :

1. Why do you want to participate such a webinar?  Explain what it would bring to your work and what you’d like to contribute from your experience.

2. What do you understand when it comes to gender-sensitive representation?

3. What transformation does content and presentation in films, media, advertising and similar areas need to eliminate gender stereotypes? Please list 3.

4. If you consider that the number of participants to the seminar is limited, can you tell us why we must choose you?

TParticipants will be selected by a committee consisting of a representative of the EU Delegation to Türkiye and UN Women Türkiye, and Prof. Dr. Nezih Orhon.

Where and How?

The seminar, which consists of 6 workshops of one hour each, will be offered in Turkish through digital platforms.

E-seminar will be held once a week at 21:00.


Certification and Commitment

Each applicant agrees to produce a 3 to 10 minute short film within 1 month of the completion of this set of workshops.  Those who attend all of the workshops in the series will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation. 


Content of the Seminar

  1. Introducing a Gender Equality Approach into Your Script
  2. Thinking outside the box - Reimagining Gender Roles
  3. Gendered Meanings
  4. Re-Writing the Protagonist's Journey
  5. The Woman's Voice, Woman's Face and Woman's Story
  6. Final Discussion and Final Work Session

Instructor’s brief resume:

Professor Dr. Nezih Orhon is faculty member of Anadolu University Faculty of Communication Sciences and Chairperson of the Department of Cinema and Television.  Taking part in many national and international projects in the field of communication and media, Prof. Orhon provided trainings in many institutions on gender and media.  He has carried out various studies abroad with US, France and Dutch state scholarships.  He is the author of many articles and books, especially the book "Writing a TV Series Scenario". 


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