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iHuman (99')

Year: 2019

Director: Tonje Hessen Schei

Duration: 99'’                                                                                          

Language(s): English, Chinese

Country: Norway, Denmark

Director of Photography: Henrik Bohn Ipsen

Editor: Torkel Gjørv and Aleksander Kvam

Animation: Theodor Groeneboom

Sound Design: Sølve Huse-Amundsen

Music: Olav Øyehaug

Screenplay: Tonje Hessen Schei

Production company:  Cinephil

Synopsis: Exploring the creeping expansion of artificial intelligence under an illusion of democracy and freedom of choice, the film follows pioneers on the front lines of the invisible AI revolution, exposing how this technology is being developed and implemented. In iHuman, some of the brightest minds in the AI industry decryot a roadmap to our future. Who is really holding the code?

Director’s bio: Tonje Hessen Schei is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has worked in independent documentary production since 1996. Her films mainly focus on human rights, the environment and the changing relationship between man and machines.