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Improvement of Winter Tourism Infrastructure in Yalnızçam, Ardahan Project

Ardahan’s geography, nature and longlasting winter season constitute ideal conditions for winter tourism and provide a significant socio-economic development opportunity.

Longer ski season compared to other ski resorts in the country, snow depth and quality, and suitable conditions for alpine skiing which is a quite rare feature makes Yalnızçam an attraction for many skiers.

The project aims to establish a mechanical infrastructure (gondola lift), promote the resort and integrate the local SMEs in the development of the winter sports tourism centre. In line with the marketing strategy travel guides, website and promotional brochures are prepared.

The Governorate of Ardahan is supported to build business relations with the hotels in Erzurum and Kars, and in particular with the tour operators specialised in winter tourism to organise daily tours to Yalnızçam. Business opportunities are described to local SMEs in the tourism sector, tourism SME development strategy is prepared, and awareness raising activities and trainings are organized for local SMEs.


Agriculture and livestock production are the main livelihoods of the inhabitants of Ardahan, which is surrounded by forests and mountains. In the National Tourism Strategy prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ardahan was described as a part of winter tourism corridor alongside Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars. Moreover, Ardahan Yalnızçam was named the Winter Sports Tourism Centre of 2010.