Improving chemicals management

Improving chemicals management


In 2007, new EU legislation on the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals (REACH) came into force. This legislation involved fundamental changes in the rules governing the manufacture and importation of chemicals, their placing on the market, the use of chemical substances, and the use of chemicals in preparations and articles. While Turkey had implemented previous EU legislation on chemicals management, experience in the field was limited. In this context, further training of staff in areas such as risk assessment and notification procedures was necessary, as was raising awareness among industry, the general public and environmental NGOs.

The aims of the project and its core activities

The purpose of this project was to strengthen the existing capacity of state institutions – primarily the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – involved in enforcing chemicals management legislation and to prepare for the implementation in Turkey of the EU’s new REACH regulation.

Firstly, an assessment of institutional and procedural structures was conducted, which served to clarify the roles, responsibilities and needs of the competent authorities.

The existing registration and inventory system of chemicals was improved, a process which included setting up a catalogue of chemical substances, substances in preparations and substances in articles (such as plastics and textiles).

After draft legislation to incorporate the REACH regulations was prepared, relevant authorities, manufacturers, importers, and downstream users were provided with implementation guidelines.

In addition, regional authorities and figures from the industrial sector were guided through the new regulations at a series of training seminars and a major chemicals conference. A website ( was also established which, among others, offered advice to exporters about their responsibilities and roles under the REACH regulation.


IPA I (2007–2013)


  • Budget: €2,358,750 (EU contribution €2,122,875)
  • Province: Nationwide
  • Status: Completed in 2013