Increasing Enrolment Rates Especially for Girls Grant Scheme II ( completed)


EU Funding: € 5,297,501  (total budget of grant projects implemented in Ordu)


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective: The overall objective of this operation is to enhance investment in human capital by increasing the quality of education, improving the linkage between education and the labour market and raising enrollment rates at all levels of education, especially for girls.


Main Activities:

The activities supported are:

  • Activities and trainings to raise the awareness of stake holders and relevant NGOs in the education sector;
  • Training parents on the importance of education particularly VET
  • Training community leaders and educational staff on communication and interpersonal skills to communicate with families,
  • Activities to train students especially girls to increase their awareness about the importance of education, boarding facilities of schools and education opportunities especially about the open schools and catch-up classes
  • Raising awareness on accessing to open education institutions
  • Organizing courses to develop key competencies for the children and the young of school age (literacy, basic skills, mathematical skills, science skills, computer skills, etc.).
  • Providing vocational and psychological guidance services to students at primary and secondary education.


Estimated Results:

  • Reasons for drop outs identified, drop-out rates determined, related measures taken and drop-out rates decreased particularly for girls under the risk of dropping out or who have already dropped out of primary and secondary schools.
  • Quality of psychological guidance and counselling services are increased at schools
  • Incentives particularly for girls to return to school are promoted.
  • Awareness of parents and NGOs on the importance of education are raised through training programmes and campaigns
  • Girls’ enrolment rates increased


Please see the list of the grant projects implemented under aforementioned program in Ordu:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Fatsa Anatolian Imam Hatip High School

I Continue To My School, Looking Future With Hope

268,735.00 EUR

240,517.83 EUR

Giresun Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School Directorate (Green Giresun Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School)

We Do Not Have One Single Girl To Sacrifice

225,542.56 EUR

186,523.70 EUR

Lifelong Education and Personal Development Association

Giresun Wins Its Girls

180,431.55 EUR

162,338.40 EUR

Piraziz İsmail Yücel Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Job To Girls Supprt To Employment

170,179.31 EUR

152,174.34 EUR

Giresun Association of Educators

Establishing Equaliity For Opportunity And Possibility In Education

181,525.44 EUR

163,372.89 EUR