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Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)

As Türkiye is an official candidate for EU accession, the EU supports political and economic reforms in the country with financial and technical help through the IPA. These funds aim at aligning Turkish legislation and standards with the EU’s, building authorities' capacity for undertaking this harmonisation, and implementing the reforms throughout the accession process. The ultimate aim of pre-accession funds is to improve the lives of individuals, by providing them with better opportunities and ensuring they enjoy standards equal to EU citizens.  

IPA financial assistance for the 2014-2020 cycle has four specific purposes:

  1. Support for political reforms;
  2. Support for economic, social, and territorial development;
  3. Strengthening the ability of the beneficiary country to fulfil the (future) obligations stemming from EU membership by supporting progressive alignment with the Union acquis and;
  4. Strengthening regional integration and territorial cooperation.

The EU has indicatively allocated €4,453.9 million under IPA 2014-2020 for Türkiye. The priority sectors to be supported are: democracy and governance; the rule of law and fundamental rights; environment and climate action; transport; energy; competitiveness and innovation; education, employment, and social policies; agriculture and rural development; and regional and territorial cooperation.

The strategic priorities for IPA financial assistance under these sectors are defined in the Indicative Strategy Paper for Türkiye. They reflect the political priorities as specified in the EU's enlargement policy framework and Türkiye's national sector reform plans, determining key areas where financial assistance should be used to assist Türkiye in meeting the accessions criteria. This Strategy Paper is currently undergoing a mid-term review due to be published in the second half of 2017.

For the previous IPA cycle (2007-2013) €4,483.6 million was allocated under five components, namely: transition assistance and institution-building, cross-border cooperation (CBC), regional development, human resource development. and rural development. Implementation of these funds is still ongoing and will be finalised by 2019.

To learn more about the sectors and policies for reform, please select the thematic sub-section from the WHAT WE DO menu.

Search our project database to learn more about IPA-funded projects in different sectors and in the various provinces of Türkiye.

Further information about the IPA, including its legal basic documents, can be found on the European Commission's DG NEAR website.

You can visit our Tender Opportunities page to get information about current calls and status of awarded tenders for IPA.

Allocation of IPA Funds to Türkiye



IPA II period (2014-2020)*

IPA I period
(2007 – 2013)



Environment & Climate Action

€ 353,7 M

€ 706 M

€ 1059,7 M



€ 365,2 M

€ 592 M

€ 957,2 M


Competitiveness and Innovation

€ 260 M

€ 480 M

€ 740 M


Education, Employment and Social policies

€ 291,6 M

€ 474 M

€ 765,6 M



€ 1,270.5 B

€ 2,252 B

€3522.5 B


* Updated allocations as of September 2019