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Journey to Utopia / Rejsen til Utopia (89')

Year: 2020

Director: Erlend E. Mo

Duration: 89

Country: Denmark, Norway

Language(s): Danish, Norwegian

Cinematography: Erlend E. Mo

Editor: Åsa Mossberg

Music: Sebastian Øberg and Magnus Jarlbo

Sound: Anders Kwarnmark and Andreas Kongsgaard

Production company: Magic Hour Films

Sales: Autlook Film Sales

Awards: CPH: Forum, Eurimages Co-Production Development Award

Synopsis: The enlightened, forward thinking Mo family lead a picture-perfect life on their farm in Norway. But recently, climate anxiety and fear for the planet that will be left to their three children is keeping them up at night. Taking a giant leap of faith, the family decides to take action and move to “Permatopia”: A brand new self-sufficient, organic farming cooperative in Denmark.

Directors bio: Norwegian filmmaker Erlend Eirik Mo has been making documentaries for more than 15 years. Among the films he directed are Forbidden Love (1998), Welcome to Denmark (2003), Can You Die in Heaven? (2005), My Eyes (2006), Paradis (2008). Currently he is serving as the protagonist of his new film Journey to Utopia, in which he shows how he, his wife and children adapt to a new life cut off from civilization.