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Kuşadası'ndaki atı su tesisi

Kuşadası Regional Solid Waste Management Project

The project area falls within the boundaries of Aydın province, in the southwest of the Aegean Region with a population of 143,000 persons including Kuşadası and three other municipalities (Söke, Davutlar and Güzelçamlı).

The project, designed to reduce the pollution of groundwater and the environment in Kuşadası and nearby municipalities and increase reuse and recycling by establishing a solid waste management system for Kuşadası and nearby municipalities in accordance with Turkish legislation and the EU acquis, reached its objective. Specifically this was achieved through:

  • Construction of a new landfill with leachate treatment plant, gas collection, and flaring system, and a pilot compost plant
  • Construction of civic amenity centres
  • Rehabilitation of old dumpsites
  • Supplying of landfill, collection, composting equipment, and waste containers

With the completion of the project and operation of the landfill, civic amenity centres and utilisation of the supplies, the following results were achieved:

  • Pollution of ground water, soil and air caused by current dumpsites was reduced.
  • Health risks and negative amenity effects such as bad odour, insects, rodents, fires, and scattered wastes from the current dump sites were reduced.
  • The volume of bio-degradable waste landfilled was reduced.
  • Recycling of solid wastes was increased.
  • The municipal solid waste collection system was renewed and modernized in a manner which ensures that it meets EU standards, such as those regulating spills and exhaust from engines.