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Learn About The EU Visibility Guidelines

These visibility guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that projects that are wholly or partially funded by the European Union (EU) visibly acknowledge the EU’s support.

For projects in Türkiye a partnership logo has been designed with the EU and Turkish flags to be used for projects under the Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) as well as non-humanitarian projects covered under the Facility for Refugees in Türkiye. 

The logo consists of stylised flags of Türkiye and the European Union. While the wavy form conveys a dynamic structure, the integrated position of the Turkish and European Union flags is a sign of an institutional and organic relationship. 

The use of these guidelines is compulsory for all contractors and/or implementing partners under contracts and financing agreements which explicitly refer to them, whether signed by the European Commission or by any other Contracting Authority. They cover the written and visual identity of the EU and are to be used in briefings, newsletters, press conferences, presentations, invitations, signs, commemorative plaques, and all other items used to highlight EU participation. This includes projects funded under the Facility, including those implemented under the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis. These guidelines do not apply to humanitarian projects funded through the Facility but managed by the DG for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Operations (ECHO).

Communication and Visibility Requirements for EU External Actions


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