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Machini (10')

Year: 2019

Director: Frank Mukunday, Tétshim

Duration: 10'

Country: Congo (Republic of the), Belgium

Production company: Atelier Graphoui

Synopsis: By necessity and especially by the force of the machinewe have become sleepwalking beings deprived of God, the damned of the earthand test subjects over the black market of history test subjects of the machine.

Directors bio:  Frank Mukunday is from Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is passionate about animation and works with many Congolese animators on various projects. In 2007 he joined Tétshim, Angelo Nzeka and Trésor Makonga, with whom he still works today. Tétshim was born in Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has drawn for years. In addition to making animated films, he is also illustrator and cartoonist of press and comics. Since 2010, Frank Mukunday and Tétshim have been producing self-taught animated films. Starting from the practice of drawing (Tétshim) and video (Frank), their duo founded the studio "Crayon de cuivre" in Lubumbashi. After two experimental films Cailloux and Kukinga, Machini is their first film made in professional production conditions.