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Making data on emissions and pollutants publicly accessible


As industrial activity has a significant impact on the environment, emissions from industries have been subject to EU-wide legislation for some time. As Türkiye continues to grow economically, industrial pollution is becoming the most important factor affecting the environment. The main piece of EU legislation in this area is the Regulation on the European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR), which makes publicly accessible detailed information on emissions and off-site transfers of pollutants and waste from more than 30,000 industrial facilities. However, the absence of relevant legislation and the lack of sufficient training and information have prevented the establishment of a sustainable and sufficient PRTR system in Türkiye.

The aims of the project and its core activities

The objective of this project is to improve industrial pollution control by enhancing environmental conditions, as well as the monitoring and registration of industrial pollution, under the EU’s European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register system.

Setting up a national E-PRTR in Türkiye will require the upgrading of and adoption into Turkish law of the relevant EU legislation. It will also require benchmarking with the legal frameworks of different EU member states and an analysis of the responsibilities that may arise from Türkiye’s potential ratification of the Kiev protocol on pollutant release and transfer registers.

The national E-PRTR, which will be supported by GIS systems, will be piloted in two installations from nine industrial sectors before being rolled out nationally.

Selected staff from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation will participate in study tours to different EU member states to see first-hand how the E-PRTR is implemented, while training of other stakeholders, such as industry associations and NGOs, will be provided in Türkiye.

A publicity campaign will also be carried out to raise awareness of the new system, which will have its own website to provide the public with easy and straightforward access to environmental information about pollutants.