Mardin Wastewater Treatment Plant


The construction site of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is funded under the IPA I period, under Environment Operational Programme (EOP). The project has started in February 2016 and is due to be completed by the end of 2017.

The project of €59,7 million is managed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, and the end recipient of EU funding is Mardin Metropolitan Municipality (for which the Governor of Mardin is the Trustee since the end of 2016).

Background Information

The eligible expenditure is EUR 59,772,000. The maximum IPA contribution to the project is EUR 50,806,200 (85%)


The general purpose of the project is to develop a feasible wastewater management system by providing sewerage extension, collectors and two waste water treatment plants (WWTPs) which improve the infrastructure conditions and provide reduction of pollution of receiving bodies. Furthermore the project aims at meeting the EU and Turkish quality standards in the wastewater sector in the project area and nearby municipalities.


Mardin wastewater project comprises the following components:


Works Component 1: Design & Construction of two (Southern and Northern) Wastewater Treatment Plants which will serve the whole catchment area of Mardin city, Kızıltepe Municipality and adjacent municipalities/settlements.  Within the contract, a small WWTP in the Yeşilli district in the north and a large WWTP in the south serving both Mardin Centre and Kızıltepe districts are being constructed.   Contract was signed on 30/12/2015. The works are expected to be taken over by November 2017 (end of Defects Notification Period will be November 2018).  Both treatment plants will serve the total population of 388.837 and 501.731 in the years 2032 and 2047 respectively. Contract amount: EUR 26,777,406.3 Contractor: Mass Arıtma


Works Component 2: Construction of approximately 178 km of sewerage network and collectors. Contract signed on 25/02/2016. The works are expected to be taken over by December 2017 (end of Defects Notification Period will be December 2018). Contract amount: 24,047,000€ Contractor: Akkord-Ankan JV- IMPORTANT: It should be noted that within the contract budget there are some additional works requested by the city:

  • Deyrulzafaran Monastery sewer will be connected to the network via construction of a septic tank. This was on request of the Monastery to EUD in May and was taken into scope of the project via variation order no.16 signed in September 2017.  The works will start in September.  The cost is 20.000€.
  • Governor's Request for inclusion of two districts: Gökçeköy and Ortaköy in Artuklu municipality: the Governor called parties for a site visit and meeting in August 2017.  During the summer, three children died in Ortaköy drowning in an open pit filled in with sewer.  He asked construction of network and collectors to connect these districts to the Mardin Collectors.  The population to be served is 19.000 and works will comprise 40 km of pipeline for a cost of approximately 4.200.000 €.  This variation will be covered within the project budget as replacement of previous omissions due to different reasons.

Service Component: Technical assistance for supervision of construction works as well as capacity building of newly established Mardin Water and Sewerage Administration. Contract signed on 24/12/2015. Contract is expected to end on 11/03/2019. Contract amount: EUR 2,963,025 Contractor: TYPSA, in consortium with ENVIROPLAN and p2m berlin (ES-GR-DE)

Supply component: Supply of equipment to increase the capacity of the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration. At tendering stage. Estimated budget: EUR 1,375,000. It consists of 5 lots as: Lot 1- Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicle, Lot 2- CCTV Vehicle for Sewer Inspection, Lot 3- Leak Detection Vehicle, Lot 4- Repair & Maintenance Vehicles and Lot 5- Sludge Transportation Hi-up.  Some components may be unsuccessful.