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Mobility Week Events

The European Mobility Week is celebrated every year from 16-22 September. This year's activities will focus on Safe Walking and Biking.  Participation by Turkish cities increases every year. In 2018, 26 cities participated and this year's target is for 61 cities have registered.

The aim of the EMW campaign is to promote public transport, walking and cycling and other forms of sustainable mobility. Walking and cycling are the two most active modes of transport and very crucial for the future of our towns and cities. They provide substantial health benefits and are free of CO2 emissions, reliable, socially and economically accessible to all.

You can see below the activities in which the EU Delegation to Türkiye participates directly.

You can follow the activities through the social media accounts of the Mobility Week in Türkiye :

Twitter - Instagram - Facebook : TRMobilityWeek