My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb - ORDU




Total budget: € 9,990.199

EU contribution: € 8.225.930


Duration: Project was approved on 04/05/2011.

Works and supervision contracts were completed. Provisional acceptance of supply contracts will be done by September-October 2017. TA contract is under implementation (will be completed by June 2018).


Beneficiary: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock  (MoFAL), Apiculture Research Station (ARS) in Ordu


Implementing Partners: Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT) is the Operating Structure who is responsible for the programming, tendering, contracting, implementation and monitoring of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme under which the present project is being financed.


Overall objective: The overall objective of the Operation is to increase increasing the competitiveness of Apiculture Sector.


Location: The centre of the implementation area is; Ordu. But the implementation area also includes Giresun, Rize, Trabzon, Sinop and Samsun


Main Activities:


Works: Within the project, approximately 5.000 m2 closed area are constructed for administrative building, processing building and comb foundation building.

Supply: The necessary equipment for the establishment of

i) Honey Production Line,

ii) Comb Honey Processing Line,

iii) Creamed & Mixed Honey Production Line,

iv) Royal Jelly, Pollen & Propolis Processing Line

are procured through supply tender.


TA: The necessary need assessment studies and capacity building activities will be done for establishment of

- consultancy and training unit

- promoting and marketing

- quality improvement and certification centre

- processing and packaging plant

The relevant business plans for each service units/centre will be prepared. Pilot services regarding business development services will be delivered to SMEs (e.g. minimum 350 people will benefit from standard service packages during the operation).


Estimated results:



Measurable Indicators

1.  Institutional Infrastructure that will increase the competitiveness of Apiculture Sector in Blacksea Region (in target provinces) established.

  • Business plans of service units are ready.
  • Consultancy and contact points established and started to serve.
  • Promoting and Marketing Unit established and started to serve.
  • Quality Improvement and Certification Centre established and started to serve.
  • Processing and Packaging Plant established and started to serve.
  1. Accessing of honey producer SMEs to business development services ensured.
  • Apiculture products portal established and it has got 50 members.
  • 360 people utilized from standard service packages.
  • 5 SMEs utilized from each one of at least 3 business development programmes.