My Job My Future on Youth Employment in Tourism Sector Project

Funded under the Promoting Youth Employment Grant Scheme the project mainly aimed to address the local labour market demand for assistant cooks/chefs and assistant service personnel. Implemented between February 2016 and February 2017 with a budget of € 240.000 the target groups were unemployed people between ages 15-29 who are graduates of upper secondary school, university, early school leavers, youngsters still in education. The target group also included ex-convicts, young people under state protection and children of poor single parents.

25 young people have received vocational training in the field of assistant chef and 24 on assistance service staff. In addition to vocational trainings, entrepreneurship trainings, consultancy and mentorship (40 people), guidance and consultancy services to the 9th graders at Industrial Vocational Secondary Schools (250 people), occupational health and safety, management skills trainings (90 people) have been provided. Workplace visits have been organized for the students to guide them to the correct fields of professions with a view to facilitate transition from school to work. 42 successful trainees completing the vocational training received on-the-job trainings and 23 were secured with employment.

The computer laboratory established through EU funding is in use during trainings provided by ATSO. The entrepreneurship trainigs continue to be provided by ATSO's own resources where 10 such trainings will be delivered in 2017.

In the context of the project 1st Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Summit was organized with high media attention with participation from business people, academic and investors. The tourism sector representatives in Antalya deem the partnership model created by the project as a positive and sustainable example in terms of the strong synergy that it has created amongst entrepreneurs, project partners and participants. This partnership is still ongoing. The Summit will continue to be organised annually.