My School is My Hope - Akdeniz Roman Dernekler Federasyonu

A strategy will be prepared to prevent the early school leaving of Roma children in Mersin and Sofia. Best practices will be shared and the rate of school leaving is aimed to be decreased by increasing motivation about education. Awareness of Roma families about importance of education will also be strengthened.

Budget: 128.090,00 EUR

Main Activities:

  • Meetings are organized in Mersin and Sofia to share knowledge, experiences and best practices.
  • Workshops are organized in Mersin and Sofia with the participation of relevant CSOs, public institutions and local actors and a strategy to fight against early school leaving is prepared.
  • Roundtable meetings and trainings with managers and teachers of three schools are held in Mersin.
  • House visits to families of the Roma children at targeted schools are conducted.
  • An international symposium is organized in Mersin to draw attention to early school leaving of Roma children.