fbpx Ambassador Meyer-Landrut underlined EU’s commitment to support Turkey’s on-going efforts for Syrian refugees | EU Delegation to Turkey
Büyükelçi Meyer-Landrut ve eşi

Ambassador Meyer-Landrut underlined EU’s commitment to support Turkey’s on-going efforts for Syrian refugees

Mon, 03/29/2021 - 14:55

Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut has reaffirmed EU support towards the country's efforts to keep Syrian refugees safe.

He spent two days visiting eastern border province of Hatay, where nearly half a million Syrians have been welcomed.  

During his visit, held on 18-19 March, he was pleased to see how EU support has changed the lives of many who have faced devastating effects of on-going-war in Syria.  

Meyer-Landrut met Hatay governor Rahmi Doğan and Hatay Mayor Lütfü Savas. The ambassador emphasised the importance of the cooperation between the two parties and shared his views on how to develop this further.  

EU ambassador with Hatay Governor Rahmi Dogan

Following his meetings with Doğan and Savas, Meyer-Landrut had a fruitful meeting with Hikmet Cincin, the president of Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

The ambassador also visited the EU funded Kirikhan Waste Transfer Station to examine the activities of the facilities that provide sustainable solutions to Hatay's solid waste issue.  

Meyer-Landrut and accompanying delegation also visited Hassa Wastewater Treatment Plant established with the EU support which aims to improve the quality of water before it is returned to the environment.  

EU ambassador with workers in Solid Waste plant

On his second day in the region, İskenderun Furniture and Hand Made Wood Processing Training Centre welcomed Head of EU Delegation Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut.  

Both Mr and Mrs. Meyer-Landrut admired the facility and the hand made products. They said the woodwork “Made in Hatay” was indeed “beautiful”. He witnessed that this EU-funded project increased competitiveness of the handmade wood processing artisans and small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers in Hatay.  

EU ambassador with a wood craftsman

The ambassador visited Oruc Reis Primary School where Syrian and Turkish children share the same classrooms. Meyer-Landrut joined them in their tree-planting day.  

Following this, he met Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Levent Hakkı Yılmaz who presented the highlights of business and economy of İskenderun.  

Meyer-Landrut and Mrs. Meyer-Landrut had an opportunity to try blowing the Sufi music instrument “Ney” during his visit to Hatay and they almost succeeded!  

EU ambassador playing Sufi music instrument ney

Meyer-Landrut and accompanying delegation visit to Hatay was fruitful and the ambassador was happy to see the EU impact in the region as well as to explore what more could be done together.