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Batı Balkanlar ve Türkiye için Avrupa Birliği Sivil Toplum Rehberleri

EU Civil Society Survey for the Western Balkans and Türkiye

Wed, 09/28/2022 - 09:04

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the European Commission, DG NEAR, the EU TACSO 3 project is pleased to send you the link to the annual Civil Society Survey for the Western Balkans and Türkiye. The survey is part of the assessment against the revised DG NEAR Guidelines for EU Support to Civil Society 2021-2027.


The survey is for all civil society organisations, both formal and informal. It is the largest survey of its kind, and will provide comprehensive data for:

  • assessing the state of the enabling environment for civil society
  • understanding the extent of cooperation between governments and civil society
  • understanding the situation facing civil society organisations
  • planning support for civil society in the region.

It is vitally important that as many civil society organisations complete the survey as possible.

If you work for a civil society organisation, please take the time to complete the survey.


All responses will be anonymous and held securely. We will not share individually identifiable data with anyone.

The survey will close on 11 October. The survey is in all languages of the region as well as English. When you go to the survey, language can be selected in the top right of the screen. Please also share this email with other civil society organisations and colleagues as widely as possible and look out for our social media postings.

Thank you for your contribution!


Richard Allen
EU TACSO 3 Team Leader

For queries and technical assistance with the survey please contact survey@tacso.eu