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The European Union Supports The Departments Of Investment Monitoring And Coordination In The Metropolitan Municipalities

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 12:50

The closing ceremony of the EU-supported project "Technical Assistance Strengthening the Capacity of Departments of Investment, Monitoring and Coordination (YIKOBs)" took place in Ankara on 7 June 2022, with the participation of Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut Head of EU Delegation to Turkey, Mr. Mehmet Ersoy, Deputy Minister of Interior and Ambassador Mr. Faruk Kaymakcı, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the occasion of the event, the Head of EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut emphasized the importance of effective public investment management at the local level, not only to support the delivery of critical public services to the citizens of metropolitan municipalities, but also to contribute to their social development and economic growth and said that “… the European Union encourages Turkey to continue making progress on public administration reform.


What is the scope of the project?

This is a project in the area of Public Administration Reform (PAR) a fundamental requirement of the EU and a key priority for candidate countries.

YIKOBs were created in thirty metropolitan municipalities pursuant to Law No. 6360 which entered into force in 2014. They are institutions that play a key role in the identification, implementation and monitoring of public investments that respond to local needs. They also perform the important task of coordinating central and local public investor institutions who want to invest in the metropolitan municipalities.

This project aimed to strengthen their capacities to ensure better and more effective public investment practices at the local level for better service provision and increased cooperation and coordination between central and local public investor institutions. This project also contributed to building the administrative capacity of local actors, which is required for the proper implementation of EU legislation and regulations in Turkey.

This project has a total budget of € 2.495.000. The project's activities included analysis of existing public investment planning and implementation practices and processes, seminars and workshops in three pilot metropolitan municipalities (Trabzon, Van and Izmir), study visits to EU member states. An operating procedure guide, internal compliance action plan, training materials, draft legislation proposals on the regulatory framework of YIKOBs and software have been developed on the basis of the findings of the above activities.


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