leyla kılıç

Leyla Kılıç opens patisserie in Van thanks to EU support

Fri, 09.08.2019 - 16:15

Leyla Kilic, 48, is smiling in front of her lovely patisserie shop in Van. A smile with lots of stars, like in the EU flag. She is a beneficiary of the Economic and Social Integration of Internally Displaced Persons Project being implemented in Van, eastern Turkey by the European Union.

“This had been my dream job for years,” she says, telling us about her dreams while she was trying to support her family by doing sewing work at home.

“I was having trouble getting my business off the ground. Because of my conditions at the time and because I’m a woman, I was unable to get my business started, no matter what I did.” But then, four years ago, a piece of good news like a ray of light changed her life.

“One day I heard about European Union grant opportunities and I was over the moon. We took a training course after my application was approved. I got nearly €13,500 from the EU, and another 1,500 from Turkey. Then I was then able to open my place of business, a patisserie. Yes, there were also challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. What I mean to say is, I overcame those impossible odds.” she says.

With her newfound financial freedom, since then things have changed for the better. Thanks to her business, both her kids went to medical school. But it’s not over. She has huge goals: “I want to achieve great things,” she says while thanking the EU funding for helping her reach her dreams. And she encourages others too to use these funds and set up their own businesses.