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Sivil Düşün Programme of the European Union supports civil society in its new phase

Thu, 29.11.2018 - 17:37

Press Release

Sivil Düşün Programme of the European Union supports civil society in its new phase  

Applications for the new phase of Sivil Düşün, the civil society support programme of the Delegation of the European Union, has begun.  The period for submitting applications for Sivil Düşün funding, where activists and civil society organisations can make requests for up to 5,000 Euros for a single action, will be open until 2020.

Launched in 2012 in order to support the work of rights-based activists and civil society organisations (CSO) in Turkey, Sivil Düşün supports activities in a wide spectrum of social, economic and cultural areas, including not only human rights and freedoms but also animal and environmental rights. 

In addition to institutional organisations such as associations, foundations and trade unions, civil initiatives, networks, platforms and activists without a legal entity are also able to carry out activities with the funds available in Sivil Düşün. The Programme supports civil society under five categories: Events/Meetings; Organisation; Mobility and Networking; Advocacy and Campaigning; and Communication.

The programme, which has so far received applications from 81 provinces in Turkey and has funded 794 actions, supports the organisation of conferences, workshops and similar activities that contribute in the development of civil society; study visits of activists and CSOs to Europe, candidate and neighbourhood countries; advocacy campaigns; communication activities to increase the visibility of CSOs, and many other activities. Sivil Düşün will be open to  all activities with a primary goal of strengthening the elements and values of participatory  democracy, and promoting democratic values, equal opportunities and transparency. It is planned to provide EURs 2.48 million of in-kind support to approximately 450 actions until February 2020.

Unlike in previous phases, Sivil Düşün in this new funding cycle aims to focus on the activities of trade unions and city councils, as well as CSOs in the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia. CSOs active in cultural rights, minority rights and city rights will also be given priority in the new phase. The Programme aims to promote rights-based activities through trainings and information meetings held in these areas and regions.    


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