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The EU: What Would It Mean For Me?

"The necessary changes a country needs to undergo to become ready for EU accession may raise your questions and concerns on what the everyday life will be like when you join. Will it be better? Different? Would I be better off? Will I keep my job? This is understandable: the EU integration process is lengthy, technical and demanding. To many among you it may seem like an issue of interest only to the highest political spheres. But EU integration is much more than just politics; EU membership comes with many opportunities!

In order to illustrate this for you, we have talked to citizens from the Member States that joined the European Union in the last decade. We asked them whether EU membership had changed anything for them at all, mainly when it comes to our most common concerns, namely:

• Getting a good education and professional training;

• Finding a good job;

• Staying in good health;

• Looking after one’s family. "