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The Land of the Enlightened

Event Dates:
  • Fri, 12/01/2017 - 19:15
Event Type:
  • Movie
Event City:
  • İstanbul
İstanbul Institut Français İstiklal Cad. No: 4 Taksim / İstanbul T (212) 393 81 11

Alimler Diyarı

The Land of the Enlightened - Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Afghanistan, 2016, 87’


Pieter-Jan De Pue is an independent filmmaker and photographer. He graduated from the RITS film academy in Brussels. While directing commercials, he concentrated on his first feature documentary, The Land of the Enlightened. He has travelled for long periods of time in Afghanistan, photographing the country and its people for various organizations. In between film and photo projects abroad, he has worked as a film director and photographer on several book projects and museums.


A gang of Afghan kids from the Kuchi tribe dig out old Soviet mines and sell the explosives to children working in a lapis lazuli mine. When not dreaming of the time when American troops finally withdraw from their land, another gang of children keeps tight control on the caravans smuggling the blue gemstones through the arid mountains of Pamir. Blending fiction and documentary, the director Pieter-Jan De Pue tells the story of the children who turned the war-tormented lands into their playgrounds.

Won Cinematography Prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival


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