Andezit Taş İşleme

Hacı İbrahim AKTÜRK

For a long time, we had been conducting research to make an investment which will be a pioneer in Aksaray in andesite stone processing sector. At that time, we heard about IPARD Programme grants and contacted Aksaray Provincial Coordination Unit to find out the procedure to follow. Afterwards, we had the chance to realize a project far beyond what we had imagined by increasing our investment volume. We started our construction activities upon the approval of project, and received the support 6 months later. Currently, we represent an important activity area in our region on the way of becoming the alternative complement especially of the construction sector with our wide range of andesite processing options in our enterprise with an andesite processing capacity of 3 thousand 600 cubic meters, for special design projects in interior and exterior architecture, landscaping, and bringing structures a historic look. Andesite processing facility of our company was added to the rural development profile of Aksaray as a huge investment with the support of Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution. The facility, which has an investment volume of 1 million TL and its rare activity area in the region, received 50% support from the IPARD Programme. We are grateful to ARDSI that guided and assisted us in the realization of this project. We would like to thank Aksaray Provincial Coordination Unit for their support and assistance.