Ahmet Nedim HERDEMİR

Ahmet Nedim Herdemir

Project title:   Ahmet Nedim Herdemir


EU Funding: 14.083


Duration: 2 Months


Beneficiary:  Ahmet Nedim Herdemir


Overall Objective: Diversification and Development of Farm Activities / Honey 

The Needs the Project Met and its Benefits 

I live in Havran district of Balıkesir. Beekeeping was my hobby. I am also interested in olive and walnut-related activities in arboriculture sector. After deciding the perform beekeeping properly, I started to follow ARDSI’s call for applications under IPARD Programme. I submitted my project in the 11th Call for Applications upon receiving the necessary information on the web site and from the help desk. My project included the procurement of tractor, trailer, caravan, 100 multiple-storey hives and other necessary machinery for beekeeping activities such as pollen drying, honey extraction etc. My investment, whose eligible expenditure amount was 114 thousand TL, was supported with 50% grant. 57 thousand TL was transferred to my account after the submission of payment claim package. We would not have had such a comprehensive system without the supports. We had the opportunity to enjoy quality resting time thanks to the solar panel caravan we got with the support. The quality of honey increased with the established system, quality beehive and machinery. We take our beehives to Kaz and Madra Mountains famous for their unique nature.  There, our bees can benefit from all kinds of plants ranging from chestnut to tangerine flowers and pine. This is very influential in increasing our quality and a more natural honey production. My recommendation to those who will make new investments is to prepare their projects properly. ARDSI experts are already willing to help in every aspect. I am grateful to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and ARDSI staff.