Ayşe Güney

Ayşe Güney

Project title:   Ayşe Güney


EU Funding: 123.193


Duration: 7 Months 25 Days


Beneficiary:  Ayşe Güney


Overall Objective: Development of Local Products and Micro-Businesses / Olive Oil

The Needs the Project Met and its Benefits 

I graduated from Gazi University Industrial Engineering Department. I spent my student life and professional life in the industry. I moved to Gemlik in 1991. I came across people making their living mostly from olive production, and learnt about olives and olive production from their ancestors. Olive was almost a part of their lives. We bought our own olive grove and produced olives amateurishly. We extracted olive oil, and shared our products with friends. After I retired in 2010, I always wanted to offer our quality products to those searching for them. I have always envied the enterprises marketing these products during my trips abroad. I decided it was a great opportunity after hearing Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution and IPARD Programme supports. Our carefully prepared project was accepted. I had the chance to create my own brand receiving 475 thousand TL support under the programme. We put our facility, which is at EU standards, into service in Gemlik, Bursa in a very short time. We want to be a boutique enterprise. Our aim is to produce without compromising quality for cost, and our objective is to create a brand in olive oil. I named the oil extraction facility after myself. This is the result of our trust in our products and services. I am grateful to ARDSI personnel who supported me in each aspect to create my own brand.