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once you know

Once You Know / Une Fois Que Tu Sais (100')

Year: 2020

Director: Emmanuel Cappellin

Duration: 100

Country: France, United States, Bangladesh, Greece

Editor: Anne-Marie Sangla

Cinematography: Emmanuel Cappellin

Score Composer: Maxime Steiner

Sound Recordist/Sound Designer: Virgile Van Ginneken

Production company: Pulp Films

Awards: Hong Kong International Film Festival 2020, Jury Prize AFO and CZU Film Festival 2020 – Prague, Czech Republic, Grand Prize

Synopsis: A profound, personal exploration of what it means to wake up to the truth about climate change and its future impacts. Travelling the world on container ships to meet five of the world’s leading climate and energy experts, Once You Know asks “How can we live, love and dream in the face of what is coming?”.

Directors bio: Emmanuel Cappellin is a documentary filmmaker and producer at Pulp Films. After growing up between France and the US, studying Environmental Studies at McGill University, and film at Berkeley Digital Film Institute, he chose non-fiction to creatively explore the relationship between humans and planet Earth. He worked as the assistant director of Human and the director of photography of Woman, both directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Once You Know is his first feature documentary.