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the entance of Kuskoy village

People Speaking by Whistling - Documentary

Did you know that there are around 10 thousand people in the Black Sea region who have, over the space of a few centuries, developed a way of speaking and communicating through whistling? The people of the Black Sea overcame the challenges presented by living in villages located in mountainous areas by using whistling to communicate. The language, which was inspired by bird calls, is referred to as “bird language” by the villagers, who are cautious about letting their cultural heritage fall prey to technological advances.

The residents of Giresun’s Kuşköyü village have launched courses and organized festivals for their whistled language, which UNESCO has placed on its “List of Endangered Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Kuşköy residents, who say, “We experienced even love through whistling,” are featured in a short documentary entitled, “People Speaking By Whistling”, which was produced by the Delegation of the European Union to Türkiye...

The documentary, for which Ümit Sezgin was the Project Coordinator, was directed by Director Erdem Kırım.