The 7th EU Human Rights Film Days start tomorrow!

The 7th EU Human Rights Film Days start tomorrow!

Thu, 30.11.2017 - 17:01

Human rights, women's and children's rights, freedom of religion and conscience, the plight of refugees….

The Delegation of the European Union to Turkey continues to bring human rights issues in to the agenda with 42 documentaries.  Following film screenings in Ankara, İstanbul, Giresun and Kars, the European directors will meet with the viewers.  The winners of the EU Human Rights Short Film Days to which 62 films have participated will be announced on December 9. 

The 7th EU Human Rights Film Days organised by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey is being kicked off.  The event organised on the occasion of December 10 Human Rights Day, with the contribution of EU member states and their cultural centres, will screen 42 documentaries in Ankara, Istanbul, Giresun and Kars, in the categories of "The Dreamers", "Paradise Lost", "The Disempowered" and "Kids".

Under the scope of the Human Rights Film Days students, human rights defenders, film lovers and engaged citizens will be able to watch human rights themed documentary films in Ankara (4-14 December), Istanbul (1-14), Kars (1-4 December) and Giresun (9-12 December).

The films to be screened at the French Cultural Institute, Atlas Movie Theatre, Pera Museum and Caddebostan Cultural Centre in Istanbul, Goethe Institute and Büyülü Fener Movie Theatre in Ankara, Şehir Movie Theatre in Kars and Giresun Municipality's Vahit Sütlaş Movie Theatre in Giresun will be free of charge and open to public.

Following the film screenings panels on human rights will be held with the participation of European directors, CSO representatives, human rights defenders and academics.  The Directors will chat with the viewers and reply to their questions.


The presentation prepared by the EUD for the film days read:

“2017 again confronted human rights defenders and democracy promoters all over the world with more questions than certainties.  How to ensure that human rights are really enjoyed by all, especially the most vulnerable?  But not all is lost: there are a few `Dreamers`, as we called them, to lead the way in the fight for more justice and sustainable development.  Though not all their dreams come true, they certainly inspire and brighten the way ahead.  Some of them will come all the way from across the continent to talk to their audience in Turkey; to not miss them, Please follow the discussion panel announcements for all films on the EU Delegation's website in Turkey:, and on facebook: /EUinTurkey”.


Held for the 7th time this year in the scope of the event, the winners of the EU HR Film Competition will be announced at a ceremony on Dec. 9.

10 films out of the competing 62 that made it to the finals will be in front of the jury on Dec. 8.  The members of the jury Derya Alabora, Sevim Gözay, Sevna Somuncuoğlu, Prof. Dr. Emin Önder and Derya Durmaz will identify the first 3 short films.

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