9 May Europe Day Celebrations Coincide with the Joy of Ramadan: European Union to Hold Fast-Breaking Dinners in 18 Provinces

9 May Europe Day Celebrations Coincide with the Joy of Ramadan: European Union to Hold Fast-Breaking Dinners in 18 Provinces

Tue, 07.05.2019 - 21:51


This year's 9 May Europe Day celebrations take place in the Holy Month of Ramadan.  The EU Delegation to Turkey together with the EU Information Centres will share fast-breaking dinnersthroughout the month of May across 18 provinces   with the communities.  Moreover, all Ankara residents are invited to the Traditional Festival Tent that will remain open between 11-12 May. This year again, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra willperform on Europe Day and a receptionwill follow to mark the occasion. Europe Day receptions will be held in Izmir and Istanbul.   The Head of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, Ambassador Christian Berger, said, "Europe Day celebrations this year are being held in the Holy Month of Ramadan. We wanted to use this opportunity to share with the Muslim community their joy of Ramadanat fast-breaking dinners in 18 provinces.

Europe Day celebrations this year will be held throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.  The Delegation of the European Union to Turkey and the European Union Information Centres operating under the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 20 Turkish cities will hold fast-breaking dinners to experience together with the communities the joy of Ramadan. Fast-breaking dinners will take place in Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, İzmir, İstanbul, Konya, Mersin, Samsun, Sivas, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon, Van, Denizli and Kayseri and will be attended by civil society organizations, representatives from the business community, youths, students and migrants. 


Festival Tents to be set up during Ramadan festivities

The Delegation of the European Union to Turkey holds a large reception each year in honour of the 9 May Europe Day.  This year's reception will feature a Europe Day concert given by the CSO Presidential Symphony Orchestra.

But there is more to the celebrations in Ankara besides the reception.  The Delegation will set up a Ramadan Festival Tent hosted by the Çankaya Municipality in Uğur Mumcu Park in Ankara's Cukurambar district on 11 and 12 May. All Ankara residents are invited to the Tent, which will provide entertainment into the late evening hours following the fast-breaking dinner.  The tent, which will offer a series of entertaining activities and food services free of charge, will feature a Karagöz-Hacıvat show, a puppet show, a magician's act, clowns, jugglers, a canto performance, traditional improvisation, and a storyteller. Children will be able join in the fun with their own activities, including various animations, face painting and a bubble blowing show.  Rooster lollies, sherbet, gum candy, cotton candy, corn, tea and coffee will be offered free of charge throughout the evening to guests who come to the tent.  The Delegation of the European Union to Turkey extends this invitation to all Ankara residents.


Europe Day Celebrations in Izmir and Istanbul

The Delegation will hold receptions in Izmir and Istanbul as part of the Europe Day celebrations. The Europe Day reception, which is held in Istanbul each year, will feature an appearance by famous vocal artist Adrienne Haan. The reception in Izmir on 8 May will see the opening of an outdoor exhibition in Gündoğdu Square where examples of projects co-funded by the European Union across Turkey will be on display.  Izmir residents will be able to visit the exhibition between 8-13 May.


What is 9 May Europe Day?

On 9 May 1950, Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister at the time, published the Schuman Declaration which laid out a vision for Europe and prescribed the institutions that would be necessary for its implementation.  This marked the beginning of the century’s most ambitious project for peace – what we know today as the European Union.  This new beginning is celebrated as Europe Day across all the EU member states, candidate countries and in countries where the European Union is present.


For a list of events and additional details about the programme: http://www.avrupa.info.tr


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