AB Büyükelçileri, Sağlık Bakanlığı Ve AFD Hatay-Dörtyol'daki Yeni Devlet Hastanesinin Temel Atma Töreninde

The EU Ambassadors, Turkish Ministry Of Health, And AFD Celebrating The Ground-Breaking Ceremony Of The New State Hospital In Dortyol-Hatay

Tue, 04/16/2019 - 19:27


The EU, together with the Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH), and the French Development Agency (AFD) participated in the ground-breaking ceremony to launch the construction of a new state hospital in Hatay today. The ceremony was attended by more than 500 participants, including the French Ambassador Charles Fries, the Ministry of Health’s Director General of Health Investments Hüseyin İnceöz, the Vice Governor of Hatay Erol Özkan, and the Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Christian BERGER.

The hospital is planned to be completed by March 2021 and is part of a €40 million project on health infrastructure under the EU Facility for Refugees. The hospital capacity is at least 250 beds, with potential to be extended to above 400 beds, including 336 service beds, 56 intensive care beds and 25 haemodialysis units.


Overall, the EU has provided around €600 million to support Turkey in addressing the needs of refugees and host communities in the health sector, of which €90 million have been destined to the field of health infrastructure. The funds are being delivered as a part of the first tranche of €3 billion funding under the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, to be followed by a second 3 billion tranche that is currently being rolled out.


The above-mentioned €40 million project "Construction of a State Hospital in Hatay" implemented by AFD is corresponding also with the €50 million project "Health Infrastructure in Kilis" implemented by the Council of Europe Development Bank. Both health infrastructure projects are running in coordination with the SIHHAT project, a flagship $300 million programme implemented by the Ministry of Health to support access to health care services for refugees. Furthermore, additional complementary actions are taking place also though other projects implemented by different partners including the World Health Organization.  


All the projects are developed in close partnership with the Ministry of Health, with the aim of improving accessibility and quality of health services to Syrians under temporary protection and the host communities in Turkey.


The Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Christian Berger, said on the occasion:

"In the upcoming weeks, the ground-breaking ceremony of the second state hospital in Kilis, financed fully under the Facility, will also be launched. The total investment of the hospitals is above EUR 80 million. In health sector, total support that EU provides under the first tranche of the Facility is around EUR 600 million. The infrastructure projects on health are being complemented with the SIHHAT project, a flagship programme implemented by the Ministry of Health, with a budget of EUR 300 million."




The Facility for Refugees in Turkey:


The European Union has been supporting Turkey in response to the refugee crisis since 2011. Initial support was provided already from early stages in the form of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). Other EU financial instruments for medium and long-term support were gradually added in response to the protracted nature of the crisis.

In January 2016, this support was substantially scaled up with the entry into force of the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey, mobilising a € 6 billion package of support to be delivered in two tranches of € 3 billion each.

The first tranche of €3 billion under the Facility has now been contracted to assist both refugees and host communities in Turkey, by providing assistance in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure, socio-economic development, protection and migration management. Under the first tranche of €3 billion support, 72 projects are currently on-going, while the second tranche of €3 billlion is already being mobilised since 2018 and projects for a value of $450 million are currently ongoing.

This funding comes on top of around €350 million which had been already allocated for refugee support in Turkey since the beginning of the crisis, and on top of bilateral aid provided by EU Member States.


EU support to the Turkish health system

In Turkey, more than 3,6 million Syrian refugees are hosted in different provinces throughout the country. Turkish Government has been showing tremendous efforts to provide access to health services to the Syrians under temporary protection, as well as it does to the host communities. The EU has been side by side with Turkey to support its efforts in the health sector.

The EU supports efforts of the Ministry of Health through the construction of hospitals and provision of operational support as in the case of the Direct Grant with MoH or complementary initiatives with the World Health Organization and other partners. All these efforts are complementary parts of around €600 million dedicated to health under the EU Facility for Refugees in Turkey.



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