EU Continues to Support Turkey's Ombudsman Institution

EU Continues to Support Turkey's Ombudsman Institution

Thu, 18.04.2019 - 13:07

Turkey and the European Union have launched a new project with the aim of strengthening the effectiveness of the Ombudsman institution of Turkey in protection and promotion of human rights. The project opening ceremony was held on 18 April 2019 with the participation of the EU Ambassador Mr Christian Berger and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mr Faruk Kaymakcı.

The EU funded new project aims at increasing the effectiveness of Ombudsman Institution in the protection and promotion of human rights. In this regard, efforts will be made to provide the institution with technical assistance, best practices, working methods and experience in order to promote prompt and adequate responses to its mission. The new project is a continuation of the ongoing EU support to the Turkish Ombudsman Institution.

The objective of the Ombudsman institution is the independent, impartial and confidential investigation of complaints from individuals about the conduct of the public administration in order to provide fair solutions. Establishing an effective Ombudsman Institution is therefore an important step for Turkey's safeguarding its citizens' rights.

The project duration is 36 months and the amount of funding is € 1.75 million.




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