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EU Cooperates With Turkey on Border Management

EU Cooperates With Türkiye on Border Management

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 08:53


The EU and Türkiye have cooperated over the past 18 months on improving border management and better coordination between responsible agencies. General Director of the Ministry of Interior's Provincial Administration İlker Gunduzoz, Director for Migration Dialogues and Cooperation at the International Centre for Migration Development (ICMPD) Martijn Pluim, and the Head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye Ambassador Christian Berger will assess the results of the project today together with other representatives and stakeholders.


The € 1.7 million EU-funded project has been implemented by the International Centre for Migration Development (ICMPD) in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior as the beneficiary institution. It aimed at facilitating the cooperation and coordination among border agencies by training the first degree border authorities: the local authorities. As a key element for an efficient border management system, the project advanced inter-agency cooperation and coordination between the border management institutions this way.


This project provided extensive training to a total of 485 local administrators from 80 provinces, which makes up approximately 60 percent of the active local administrators responsible for the management of coordination and cooperation at border gates. The project partners also developed a training strategy and a manual and disseminated them to the relevant authorities as part of the project.


At the closing event, the Head of EU Delegation to Türkiye Mr. Christian Berger said "Open, but at the same time secure borders can only be achieved through full coordination and cooperation of all relevant stakeholders, not only the border police and customs services but also the local administration. This project  has offered concrete suggestions for a better coordination and cooperation in this field."


The EU has, through this project, improved the understanding of coordination and cooperation at border gates and the practical management of sea, air, western and eastern land borders in Türkiye.


Time: 10:00

Place: Sheraton Hotel, Ankara


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