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European Mobility Week

EU Delegation to Turkey celebrates European Mobility Week!

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 16:34

Ambassador Meyer-Landrut attended the events of the European Mobility Week in Istanbul, Ankara and Gaziantep. Please find the media coverage of the events here.

For Meyer-Landrut’s visit to İstanbul and Ankara, state broadcaster TRT, along with NTV, Tele 1 TV, Haberturk, Kanal 24 and Tek Rumeli TV aired reports on the events.

9 dailies so far reported Ambassador Meyer-Landrut’s programmes in Istanbul and Ankara. The total circulation is 461.594 with an outreach of around 2 million.

In addition nearly 300 digital outlets reported the events. The total outreach is around 33.17 million.

For Meyer-Landrut’s visit to Gaziantep, the local broadcaster Edessa TV aired a report on the programme. Gaziantep’s Haber (front page, circulation 1.500), GAP (front page, circulation 1.500), Cagdas (front page, circulation 1.500), front page, Gaziantep 27 (circulation 733), Denge (front page, circulation 523), Bu Sabah (front page, circulation 522), Metropol (page 6, circulation 485), Gaziantep Time (front page, circulation 500) and Referans (front page, circulation 480) along with nearly 240 digital outlets highlighted the story. The total outreach is around 18 million.

The events attended by the EU Delegation Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut during the European Mobility Week were met with great interest from the press. If you missed the footage of the event hosted by Istanbul Municipality, you can find them here

Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer Landrut attended the cycling event on the 7th street, which was closed to traffic as part of Mobility Week's Car Free Day which was organized to raise awareness to reduce carbon emissions and reduce motor vehicles in traffic. EU Ambassador, who came by bus to the event, was joined by Dutch Ambassador to Ankara Marjanne Kwaasteniet and many cyclists. Here, you can see those colorful moments here.

EU Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer Landrut also attended the cycling event organized on the 7th street that was closed to traffic in Ankara, as part of the Car-Free day! The event, in which a large number of cyclists formed a convoy, was the scene of colorful images. Please find the video here.

Residents of the capital made the most of the city's roads after they were shut down to traffic to mark Car-Free Day. Cyclists put an end to the reign of motorists at an event staged in honor of European Mobility Week. EU Ambassador to Turkey Nikolaus Meyer Landrut was also in the bicycle convoy! You can find the video of the bicycle convoy here.

Residents of the capital rode their bikes across a stretch of road that had been shut down to traffic for Car-Free Day, an event organized as part of European Mobility Week. Speaking during the event, Ambassador Nikolaus MEYER-LANDRUT said that public transport is a safe and secure form of transport. 



Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality distributed 400 bicycles at the events it organized as part of the European Mobility Week!