Ab Türkiye’deki Suriyeli Mültecilerin İhtiyaçları için Sağlık Sektörüne Yönelik 90 Milyon Avro Tutarında Teklif Çağrısı Yayımladı

EU launched €90 million Call on health sector in response to the needs of Syrian refugees in Turkey

Tue, 05/12/2020 - 15:48

Call For Expression of Interest

EU launched €90 million Call on health sector in response to the needs of Syrian refugees in Turkey

The EU invites pillar assessed organisations to submit applications through a Call for Expression of Interest in the area of health infrastructure as part of the €6 billion fund under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.  

What is the aim of the project?

Within the overall objective to improve the health status of the refugees and persons eligible for subsidiary protection in Turkey, this call aims at identifying an entrusted entity to implement a €90 million project to support enhancing health infrastructure and equipment addressing the needs in most affected regions. This project will directly contribute to increase the availability and accessibility of quality healthcare services. It will also enhance the sustainability and efficiency of the healthcare system for refugees.

This action is complementary to a €​390 million worth of Facility interventions supporting directly the Ministry of Health (SIHHAT project - https://www.sihhatproject.org/) and the construction of 2 State Hospitals in Kilis and Hatay.

The deadline for the application on the Call is 30 June 2020.​

The Facility for Refugees in Turkey:

The European Union has been supporting Turkey in response to the refugee crisis since 2011. Initial support was in the form of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). Other EU financial instruments for medium- and long-term support were added later, responding to the protracted nature of the crisis. In January 2016 this support was substantially scaled up with the entry into force of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.

Through the Facility, €6 billion has been committed to assist both refugees and host communities in Turkey, by providing assistance in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure, migration management, socio-economic development and humanitarian assistance.

The EU support to Syrians and host communities in the health sector: 

Under the €6 billion, the Facility for Refugees in Turkey allocates almost €800 million to health projects.