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EU met with rights based NGOs representatives on 16 May 2017 to discuss their observations for the first year of implementation of National Roma Strategy of Turkey

Representatives of the European Commission met with rights based NGO representatives working on Roma issues on 16 May 2017 at the EU Delegation in Ankara, to exchange views and observations on the first year of implementation of Turkey’s "National Strategy on Roma People" adopted in April 2016. The roundtable meeting was organised with the help of TACSO. 

EU has been working in close cooperation with Turkish Authorities for increasing access to public services and for improving living conditions of Roma and other vulnerable groups. As part of the EU – Turkey co-funded programme called "SIROMA", 20 social support coordination units have been established across 12 provinces, working in close cooperation with the Roma communities at the local level.

The European Commission is committed to help the efforts of Turkey and all other candidate countries to improve the social and economic inclusion of Roma. The European Commission had adopted in 2011 the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, through which the Member States made an unprecedented commitment towards promoting Roma inclusion in four key areas: education, employment, healthcare and housing.

EU’s support to Turkey for carrying out its reform processes is not only limited to technical support to Public Administration; but also includes actions for civil society development, facilitating NGOs' contribution to policy dialogue, and effective participation of NGOs to decision making processes.

The EU will continue to maintain dialogue with NGOs in Turkey in the future to support participatory policy dialogue and to contribute to the implementation of Turkey's National Strategy on Roma People.

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