EU Supports Better Protection Of Copyrights In Turkey

EU Supports Better Protection Of Copyrights In Turkey

Mon, 08.10.2018 - 13:50


A major project funded by the European Union to promote a modern and effective protection system of Intellectual Property Rights in Turkey, comes to an end today. Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism H.E. Mr. Ömer Arısoy, Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Faruk Kaymakçı, H.E. Mr. Petros Mavroidis, Head of Mission of Greece, H.E. Mr. Svend Olling, Head of Mission of Denmark and H.E. Mr Christian Berger, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey participated in the closing event.

Respect for intellectual property rights is a shared concern of Turkey and the EU. Over the last 20 years, the EU has provided support to Turkey to better protect intellectual and industrial property rights, by improving the capacity of relevant institutions. EU support went to the Patent and Trademark Office, the Copyright and Customs administrations, the specialised Intellectual and Property Rights (IPR) judiciary as well as the National Police.

This 24-month long project of € 1.7 million was carried out by a Twinning consortium composed by experts from the Greek European Public Law Centre and Danish Patent and Trademark Office. The EU and Turkey worked together to revise the legislative framework as well as to improve the administrative and enforcement capacity of these institutions. Another important contribution was the establishment and maintenance of a constructive dialogue among all stakeholders.

The project that ends today, is thus the latest in a long chain of projects in this field.

The project aimed to increase the administrative capacity of the DG for Copyrights of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the enforcement capacity of the judiciary responsible for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In addition, it also helped improving advocacy skills of collective management societies of creative sectors 

Among the main achievements are the revision of the Turkish Copyright Law and related legislation and the establishment of an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) help desk.  Cooperation between different government institutions and sectoral stakeholders has increased, leading to an improved intellectual property protection system in Turkey. Project beneficiaries were also given an opportunity to take part in study visits in different EU Member States to exchange experiences.


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