European Union Climate Diplomacy Week to end with beach cleanup event in Ankara Mogan Lake!

Sun, 06.10.2019 - 13:52

Call to Action: European Union Climate Diplomacy Week to end with beach cleanup event!

Ankara next in line to host an awareness event after Istanbul and Bodrum…

The Head of the Delegation of the EU to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger, EU Member State Ambassadors, Local Government Officials and Climate Activists will attend global climate efforts.

A beach cleanup event attended by the Head of the Delegation of the EU to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger and EU Ambassadors will be organized at 14:30 on Monday, 7 October.

VENUE: Mogan Lake Park, Haymana Yolu, Ankara
TIME: 14:30

For press questions:

Miray Akdağ – Press Officer for the Delegation of the EU to Turkey
M +90 532 624 93 56 / T +90 312 459 88 77


Climate action is one of the priority policy areas of the EU. Therefore, the EU set up ambitious climate action policies, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement requirements, which aim to transform Europe to a climate-neutral economy. 

The global climate strikes throughout the world on 20 September 2019, show that there is a growing awareness and concern in our societies that climate change is a pressing reality and, failure to act now, will increasingly affect the future of the young, their children and grandchildren. 

With the most comprehensive and ambitious legislative framework on climate action in place, the EU is dedicated to advocate climate action in Europe and globally. The EU's approach is to ensure that climate ambition is not only about headline targets but about actual delivery on our promises as well as needs. By turning its ambition to implementation, the EU reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 23% while the economy grew by 58% between 1990 and 2017. 

The European Union Climate Diplomacy Week has been organized by the European Union Delegation to Turkey annually since 2016 with the aim to underline the need for urgent and ambitious climate action and its approach for implementing the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Marine litter is a global concern, affecting all the oceans of the world. Every year, millions and millions of tons of litter end up in the ocean worldwide, posing environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problems. Across the world, plastics make up 85% of marine litter. Tackling marine pollution is high on the EU's agenda. 

Since 2017, the EU representations worldwide have been organising beach cleanup events to raise awareness about one of the greatest threats confronting our ocean: marine litter. The EU Delegation to Turkey joins this effort with three beach cleanup activities in Kilyos, Istanbul; Bodrum Muğla and Mogan Lake, Ankara on 2, 4 and 7 October respectively. 

The European Union, in collaboration with related institutions, is supporting projects to enhance Turkey's climate action policies as well as conservation of biodiversity and seas. Support to sectoral policies which integrates climate action and environmental protection in transport, energy, industry and agriculture aims to ensure the realization and implementation of strategic targets.