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European Union Supports Strengthening The Institutional Capacity Of The CFCU

Wed, 17.04.2019 - 08:54



The launching of the "Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the CFCU" project will be realised today in Ankara with the participation of H.E. Viktor Màtis, Ambassador of Hungary to Turkey, H. E. Christian Berger, Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey and H.E. Bülent Aksu, Deputy Minister of Treasure and Finance and National Authorising Officer (NAO).


On the occasion of the launching, Ambassador Berger, Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, said: Improving the contracting and project management capacity of the Turkish Institutions, in particular in terms of contribution to the Turkish alignment process with the EU, is of crucial importance. The immediate impact of efficient and effective use of the EU project funds will contribute to improve the daily life of the people in Turkey, will allow to make use of EU quality standards, make its products more competitive in markets, and will bring Turkey closer to its strategic goal of full membership. The EU and Turkish authorities are putting their efforts together to ensure that EU funds are timely, efficiently and effectively used for their intended purpose. In this respect, this project is a strong sign of the commitment of the EU and efforts of the Turkish Authorities to accomplish our common objectives. 



What is the scope of the project?

The project aims to contribute to the effective and efficient utilisation and management of the funds and projects implemented by the CFCU. The project budged is €1,991,000 with an EU contribution of €1,791,900 and a Turkey contribution of €199.100. It is the second critical intervention of the Commission to improve the EU funded project management capacity of the Turkish Indirect Management by Beneficiary (IMBC) System following the ongoing project called "Technical Assistance for Supporting Public Institutions for Tendering Preparations (STEP) whose budget is €2,250,000.  


What is the expected outcome?

The project envisages to accomplish its objective through 1)  improving the fund management capability of the CFCU so that it could achieve better functioning in management of the current and forthcoming EU funds, 2) enhancing its capacity for the whole of the PCM (Project Cycle Management) steps in project management including programming and evaluation and management of the funds.

It is expected that the activities of this project as a whole provide improvement in quality and timing of the project implementation and enhance the outcomes of the IPA projects. Specifically, the duration of tender document preparation, document rejection rates and tender cancellation rate will be decreased while the de-commitment rates as well as financial backlog will be minimized and contract implementation will be enhanced. Thus, EU funded projects will be implemented more efficiently and effectively, which would in return  provide added value for Turkish and EU tax payers.


Date/time: 17 April 2019 / 09:30

Venue:        Hikmet Esen Konferans Salonu (Building C)

                     T.C. Hazine ve Maliye Bakanlığı Emek Kampüsü





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