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European Union supports Turkish Customs administration's surveillance and control function

Wed, 06.02.2019 - 15:31


The European Union funded project to strengthen the Turkish customs administration's surveillance and control function will hold its closing ceremony on 7 February 2019 in Ankara. The project was implemented through a twinning between the Turkish, Spanish and French customs administrations. The event will be attended by the Deputy Minister of Trade, Ms Gonca Yılmaz Batur, Ambassador of Spain HE Mr Juan Gonzales-Barba and the Head of Section of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Mr Alexander Fricke.


What is the scope of the project?

The project has focused on updating the Maritime Controls Strategy.  It dealt with issues ranging from health and safety matters, maritime law enforcement duties of customs officers like patrolling, boarding, search and rescue to communication and intelligence, port security and rummaging. Inter-agency cooperation and joint tactical operations have been other areas successfully supported by this project.


What are the outcomes?

Over the last 22 months Turkish customs authorities have worked closely with their peers in the Spanish and French customs authorities. With an overall EU contribution of EUR 2 million, the project facilitated an exchange of best practices and know-how among experts working in the field of maritime customs surveillance and controls in particular.

The project's contribution to combatting smuggling and fraud was crucial considering the role played by customs administrations in the inspection of goods and persons crossing the borders and Turkey's geographical location on the trade route between Asia and Europe.


The EU will continue to provide its full support to the customs administration.


On Maritime Custom Surveillance Capacity

The Head of EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Christian Berger, said on the occasion: "The customs authorities are one of the pillars of Integrated Border Management (IBM). IBM has at its heart, national and international coordination among all agencies involved in border security and trade facilitation. The ultimate aim is to establish effective, efficient and coordinated border management in order to have open but well controlled and secure borders."


For more information, please contact the Delegation:

Banur Özaydın, Programme Manager, Tel: (+90 312) 459 87 00;

E-mail: banur.ozaydin@eeas.europa.eu

For press enquiries please contact:

Miray Akdağ, Press Officer for the Delegation of the EU to Turkey

Tel: 0312 4598700, E-mail: miray.akdag@eeas.europa.eu