fbpx “A Livable World, Climate-Friendly Nutrition” Event Took Place in Istanbul | EU Delegation to Turkey
 “Yaşanabilir Dünya, İklim Dostu Beslenme” Etkinliği İstanbul’da Düzenlendi

“A Livable World, Climate-Friendly Nutrition” Event Took Place in Istanbul

Fri, 01/07/2022 - 18:51

Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut and nutritionist, sustainable living activist Dilara Koçak came together in Economic Development Foundation in Istanbul on Friday, January 7 and sought an answer to the question ‘How can we achieve a better life in a cleaner world,’ together with the other participants.

But this time, it was not only the journalists asking the questions. Ambassador Meyer-Landrut and Dilara Koçak, too, had some questions for them as well. Here were the questions and their answers.  

  • What does the tyre brought along by Dilara Koçak or the safety helmet worn by the Ambassador mean?

Answer: A person ingests 20 kg of micro-plastics throughout their life time. This is equal to the size of a car tyre! The amount of micro-plastics that we ingest in a year is as big as a safety helmet!

Just for your visualization: As big as a credit card per week,

As big as a plastic comb per 3 weeks,

And a plastic cloth hanger per 5 weeks.

  • If everyone had arrived to this event on a bike, what would our contribution to the nature have been?

Answer: Did you know that you could diminish your harm to the nature by 15 folds if you used your bike instead of your car?

An average car engine produces more than 2,5 kg of CO2 per each one liter of fuel oil.

  • What is the volume of forests that the world loses every 6 seconds?

Answer: A forest area as big as a football field is being lost every 6 seconds. Unfortunately, a major part of wildfires are caused by man. Deforestation impacts wild life and biodiversity negatively. This is literally like our lungs being deflated.

Dilara Koçak’s “Sustainable Life Dairy-2022”, published with the contributions of the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, served as a cue-book for these questions.

During the event came to a close with a taste of chickpea pudding and watermelon rind jam.

In his speech, Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut explained EU’s vision of sustainable living. The ambassador also shared the steps taken to pull down to zero the net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and to turn Europe into the first climate-neutral continent.

Turkey ratified last year the Paris Agreement to fight climate change.

Areas of cooperation between the EU and Turkey for a cleaner environment and a more liveable world were also briefly shared during the meeting. Nutritionist and sustainable living activist Dilara Koçak touched upon the relevance of global food production to climate crisis, and shared her recommendations for a more efficient, sustainable and equal living.


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