fbpx Migrant Health Center for refugees inaugurated in Ankara under the largest EU-funded health project in Turkey - "SIHHAT" | EU Delegation to Turkey
Migrant Health Center for refugees inaugurated in Ankara under the largest EU-funded health project in Turkey - "SIHHAT"

Migrant Health Center for refugees inaugurated in Ankara under the largest EU-funded health project in Turkey - "SIHHAT"

Wed, 09/20/2017 - 12:13

Ankara - EU-funded Migrant Health Center opened today to provide health services to refugees in Altındağ district, where the refugee population density is highest in Ankara. The official inauguration of the migrant health centre has hosted by the Turkish Public Health Institution President, Prof. Dr. İrfan Şencan, the Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Christian Berger.

Worth €300 million, the EU grant provided to the Ministry of Health under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey aims to improve the health status of the Syrian population under temporary protection and to provide access to primary and secondary healthcare services for over 3 million Syrians.

The centre in Altındağ is one of the 178 Migrant Health Centres (MHCs) that will be made operational with the purpose to serve mostly Syrians in the country. This EU project is financing the establishment, furniture and operating costs of the centres, which will employ up to 1500 health personnel, including Syrian doctors and nurses. It will also finance the recruitment, payment of bilingual health mediators and healthcare staff in direct contact with refugees, as well as their training on migrant health issues.

Ambassador Mr. Christian Berger said on the occasion: "The SIHHAT project is without any doubts the flagship initiative of the Facility for Refugees in the health sector. As EU, we are working hand in hand with our partners to provide a place where refugees can get access to the necessary care. I would therefore like to thank once more the Ministry of Health for their impressive delivery capacity and solid partnership. Be reassured that the EU is fully committed to work with the Turkish authorities to ensure the well-being of Syrian refugees, as well as to support the host communities that have received them."

SIHHAT will also provide 26 mobile health units, as well as 10 community mental health centres in the provinces with the highest proportion or number of Syrian guests. It will additionally allow for the provision of specific equipment to increase the capacities of 20 secondary health care premises to deliver adult intensive care, neo-natal and pediatric care. 

This direct grant to the Ministry of Health will contribute to the prevention of communicable diseases and increasing immunisation and nutrition of children and pregnant women. Six million doses of vaccine and nutrition supplements will be made available to health facilities for  270.000 infants and women.

Overall, the SIHHAT Project aims to strengthen the provision of primary and secondary health care services to Syrians under temporary protection in Turkey.  The project attaches particular significance to children and women. The main aim of this EU support is to contribute to the improvement of health, of both the Syrian people and the host communities in Turkey.



The European Union has been funding partners on the ground for projects in response to the refugee crisis since 2011. The support has been in the form of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) at the beginning. Other EU financial instruments for medium- and long-term intervention have been added later, given the protracted nature of the crisis. Since January 2016, the EU has substantially scaled up this support with the entry into force of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey. Through the Facility, €3 billion have been mobilized to assist both refugees and host communities in Turkey, by providing large scale humanitarian and non-humanitarian assistance in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure, socio-economic development and migration management. As of 16 June 2017, the amount allocated for the actions under the Facility is €2.9 billion (almost 97% of the total amount), of which more than €1.6 billion now under contract.  As we speak, actions are being carried out and people on the ground are benefitting from them.

This funding comes on top of the bilateral aid provided by EU Member States.


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