More than 1500 Gendarmerie personnel are trained in "Public Order Management and Crowd Control" with EU support

More than 1500 Gendarmerie personnel are trained in "Public Order Management and Crowd Control" with EU support

Wed, 06.02.2019 - 15:10


A closing event of the EU-funded Twinning Project between Italy and Turkey focusing on "Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Gendarmerie General Command Regarding Public Order Management and Crowd Control" took place in Ankara. The closing ceremony was held on 6 February at the Gendarmerie Headquarters, attended by the Ambassador of Italy, HE Massimo Gaiani; the Deputy Head of EU Delegation, Minister Gabriel Munuera Vinals; senior officials from the Gendarmerie General Command, Major General Fuat Güney, Head of the Public Order Division, and, Brigadier General Cengiz Yıldız, Head of the Strategy and Foreign Affairs Division; and Brigadier General Giovanni Pietro Barbano, Director of the Carabinieri Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units.


The project and its objectives

The 1,2 million euro funded project was an example of the fruitful cooperation between the Turkish Gendarmerie and the Italian Carabinieri. The objective of the project was to establish a sustainable training system on public order management and crowd control. In its two years of implementation, more than 1500 Gendarmerie personnel from different parts of the country were trained and exposed to the best European practices in this field. A concept of crowd control was developed and shared, and several study visits and internships were organised.

On Public Order Management and Crowd Control

In his speech, The Head of EU Delegation Ambassador Christian Berger underlined the importance of the link of appropriate use of crowd control techniques and prevention of disproportionate use of force to a better protection of fundamental rights and an increased trust of citizens into law enforcement agencies.


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