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The Meander river in turkey

Preparing management plans and water efficiency measures in three river basins


Türkiye has yet to take a holistic approach to water resource management, one that encompasses both environmental and economic aspects. Decreasing precipitation and an increasing population has placed pressure on water resources in some regions. Water distribution systems are generally unproductive, with an average loss ratio of 45%, far above the 10% average in other developed countries. In order to protect water resources for present and future generations, a series of interim targets are necessary to attain an efficient, reasonable and equitable use of water, in a way that accommodates economic and social progress. Achieving these targets requires providing institutions with assistance in applying economic approaches and instruments to enable cost-effective measures for river basin management planning and in terms of water quality and quantity.

The aims of the project and its core activities

Part of the overall objective of fulfilling the economic requirements of the EU’s water framework directive, this project addresses nine specific areas to achieve good water status in Türkiye and to ensure water efficiency and develop economic instruments for this goal.

First and foremost of these areas is to achieve full implementation of the EU’s Water Framework Directive and to draft Turkish legislation on water loss and leakage control as well as on the reuse of water. Another major output of the project will be finalising river basin management plans for the Akarçay, Batı Akdeniz and Yeşilırmak river basins.

In addition, a general survey of the water economies in the Maritza/Ergene, Konya, Büyük Menderes and Susurluk river basins will be conducted. Addressing water tariffs and other socio-economic aspects will help characterise the country’s different water economy features in general and to develop suitable economic instruments for sustainable water management in line with EU requirements.

Training will be provided to Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs staff to allow them carry out all the activities necessary for drafting economic analyses of all the river basins in Türkiye.