Preventing domestic violence against women

Preventing domestic violence against women


Deeply rooted in gender inequality, violence against women remains a serious problem in many parts of Turkey, particularly in rural areas. The EU has assisted in developing gender equality policies, raising awareness about the issue of domestic violence and setting up shelters for affected women and children. The involvement of civil society and the authorities in protecting women and providing services in more parts of the country is key to combating this problem.

The aims of the project and its core activities

This project seeks to improve the role of the Turkish Gendarmerie in protecting human rights, particularly in the field of combating violence against women. Studies show that many women subjected to domestic and other violence are reluctant to seek help from the police or the courts because they don’t feel confident that they can protect them. Building trust between women and the Gendarmerie, which is responsible for policing in most of the country, was essential to tackling the issue of domestic violence.

The inclusion of the issue of domestic violence in the training programmes for new and existing Gendarmerie will make the force more capable of protecting women. Those seeking help can expect to have their testimony taken in a professional way by officers.

In cooperation with civil society groups, the Gendarmerie will assist in preventing domestic violence through information campaigns and awareness meetings. These are particularly important in rural areas, where citizens have fewer education opportunities and are less aware of their rights than their urban counterparts.