Processing And Marketing Of Milk And Milk Products

Processing And Marketing Of Milk And Milk Products

Project title:  Elta - Ada Tarım Milk and Products

EU Funding: 124,390 €


Duration: 3 Months and 11 Days


Beneficiary:  Elta Elektrik Taahhüt İnşaat Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Overall Objective: Processing And Marketing Of Milk And Milk Products


Project Aims and Core activities (in case completed):

“We moved to Imbros from Çalkara district of Trabzon in 1973. At first, we had some difficulties since we moved from a different geography. With its different plant species and nature, it was a whole another place for us...Some people moved back to the metropolitan cities in time. We preferred to stay here even though it was hard. We have been engaged in different occupations such as beekeeping, sheep production and agriculture.  Running a pension is actually a compilation of all these... We offer our own honey, tomatoes and milk from our sheep to the guests, and they like it a lot. We had the chance to meet a lot of people thanks to this enterprise. People come here from Istanbul and Mersin to accommodate. Tranquillity and natural life of our region attract people. Our pension is located within the borders of Şahinkaya village near Dereköy which was accepted as the largest village of Turkey in the first years of the Republic but currently has a quite low population due to migration. The pension is approximately 500 meters away from Laz Bay, after which it was named. The pension built with island stones and designed in line with the architecture of Imbros. In total, we have 12 rooms in two separate buildings. We applied to the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution in the 13th Call for Applications period, and our project was approved.  We received approximately 200.000 TL grant support after making the investment.”