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Education for All in Times of Crisis III

General Information

Title of the action

Education for All in Times of Crisis III

Priority areas


Focus priority area


Implementing Partner (contract signatory)

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)

Action Implementing Partner(s)

Ministry of National Education

Duration (months)

42 (Starting date: 10/08/2019)

EU Contribution (EUR)

EUR 100.000.000 Contracted under FRIT2 - IPA funding.


Summary of the Action

Overall objective

To increase access to education for Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTPs) and host community students in focus provinces.

Specific objective(s)

The specific objectives of the Action are:

1) Increased schooling capacity by building safe and quality schools and public education center(s) for SuTPs and host community children to facilitate 32,860 student capacities.

2) Demonstrated improved capacity of MoNE to design and build schools which incorporate international best practice.


Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Adana, Kahramanmaras, Mersin, Diyarbakir, Kilis, Mardin, Osmaniye, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Kayseri, Konya, Adiyaman, Kocaeli, Malatya

Target groups

The target group of the Action will be Syrian and Turkish children at the age of 3-17 years

Expected results

1. Provision of quality education infrastructure and equipment for SuTP and host community children;

2. Support of MoNE’s staff capacities, providing technical expertise and facilitating knowledge transfer

Main activities

1. Construction of approximately 10 primary and secondary schools, 170 pre schools (the final number depends on the average number of classrooms per pre school) and 1 Public Education centre;

2. Procurement of individual project consultants, facilitating knowledge exchange through events / design workshops / seminars / study trips, construction of approximately 10 pilot schools (out of 181 schools) based on innovative and sustainable model designs


Progress of Action as of 31 March 2020

State of progress


Progress against Facility Results Framework


¹ The data in this Factsheet is sourced from the SUMAF Data Management System. SUMAF is a Facility monitoring and evaluation services project managed by the European Union Delegation to Türkiye.