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Employment Support Project for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Host Communities

General Information

Title of the action

Employment Support Project for Syrians Under Temporary Protection and Host Communities

Priority areas

Socio-Economic, Livelihoods

Focus priority area


Implementing Partner (contract signatory)

World Bank (WB)

Action Implementing Partner(s)

Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (MoFLSS) - Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR), Directorate General International Labour Force

Duration (months)

48 (Starting date: 16/06/2017)

EU Contribution (EUR)

EUR 50.000.000 Contracted under FRIT1 - IPA funding.


Summary of the Action

Overall objective

To increase income earning opportunities for refugees.

Specific objective(s)

To support Türkiye to improve employability of Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) as well as of Turks residing in selected communities with high presence of SUTP.


Adana, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Istanbul

Target groups

Syrians under Temporary Protection and Host Communities

Expected results

1. Employment Services and Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMPs) are re-designed and developed based on the needs of SuTP and Host Communities; a small grant program is implemented.

2. Institutional Capacity Building Support provided to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, ISKUR and KOSGEB for the implementation of work permits, delivery of employment services and ALMPs and to support the small grant program.

Main activities

1. Job search support and skills assessment.

2. Provision of language training.

3. Provision of vocational training.

4. Provision of on-the-job training.

5. Implementation of a small-grant program to support businesses of SuTP and Turkish citizens and new SuTP entrepreneurs.

6. Strengthening of ISKUR's counselling and job assistance capacity at the central level and in the targeted provinces.

7. Strengthening of MoFLSS's and ISKUR's administrative systems to monitor the implementation of work permits, employment services, and ALMPs provided to SuTP.

8. Development and implementation of complementary modules to the existing ISKUR monitoring systems to capture the sequence of employment services and ALMPs.

9. Development of a tracking mechanism to monitor the employment status of SuTP beneficiaries.

10. Strengthening KOSGEB's capacity by translation of existing Entrepreneurship Training Modules into Arabic and English, and training relevant KOSGEB staff in business mentorship, migration policies, and project management.

11. Strengthening these institutions’ capacity in conducting outreach and communication activities to inform and attract SuTP and host communities.


Progress of Action as of 31 December 2019

State of progress


Progress against Facility Results Framework


• 13.926 Syrian refugees and host community members who participated in employability skills training programmes

• 13.926 Syrian refugees and host community members who benefitted from employment related services

• (Not Reported) Syrian refugees and host community members who participated in CfW programmes

• 2.538 Syrian refugees who completed a Turkish language course outside the formal education system

• 37 SMEs that benefitted from coaching

• (Not Reported) SMEs that received Facility financing (e.g. financial incentives, micro-grants)


• 11.470 Syrian refugees registered with ISKUR

¹ The data in this Factsheet is sourced from the SUMAF Data Management System. SUMAF is a Facility monitoring and evaluation services project managed by the European Union Delegation to Türkiye.

² A ‘cumulative’ indicator reports the total value of the indicator since the start of the Action.

³ A ‘snapshot’ indicator reports the current value at a particular point in time within a specific reporting period.