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Enlargement of the European Turkish Business Centres Network

TOBB, which previously benefited from various European Union funds, has established ABİGEMs in 15 different provinces of Türkiye. The latest branches of the successfully run ABİGEMs was launched in Sivas, Antakya, Batman and Van.

These centres under the Project not only welcome business owners but also entrepreneurs who would like to start new ventures. As a result of the interviews to identify training and consultancy needs in these regions, more than 500 SMEs and entrepreneurs benefited from various services such as expanding to the national and international markets, branding, entrepreneurship, institutionalisation, access to funds and preparing projects for new grant facilities. Over 100 entrepreneurs set up their own businesses after receiving information and consultancy services. Around 150 businesses were supported in their efforts at preparing business and investment plans.

Throughout the project, 7360 people received training on more than 50 subjects with approximately 2000 women entrepreneurs as training participants.

One of the most significant outcomes of the project is the development of the Competitiveness Model. In addition to the Support Model for SMEs and Entrepreneurs, the Sustainability Model prepared will enable the prospective centres to work much more efficiently.

ABİGEMs function as joint stock companies after the Project and continue to support new entrepreneurs in addition to all small to medium-sized enterprises on the subjects they need.


Approximately three million small and medium-sized enterprises employ more than three-fourths of the total labour force in Türkiye. SMEs, most of which are family businesses, contribute significantly to the Turkish economy, and thus it is seemingly important to enhance their competitiveness in the national and international markets and to develop their potential and for them to be open and have access to innovation and training.