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Strengthening the Operational Capacities of the Turkish Coast Guard in Managing Migration Flows in the Mediterranean Sea

General Information

Title of the action

Strengthening the operational capacities of the Turkish Coast Guard in managing migration flows in the Mediterranean Sea

Priority areas

Migration Management

Focus priority area

Migration Management

Implementing Partner (contract signatory)

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Action Implementing Partner(s)

Turkish Coast Guard Command

Duration (months)

18 (Starting date: 22/08/2016)

EU Contribution (EUR)

EUR 20.000.000 Contracted under FRIT1 - IcSP funding.


Summary of the Action

Overall objective

To contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Government of Türkiye in addressing the migration and refugee crisis through supporting search and rescue operations at sea, in order to save lives and further strengthen the protection of refugees and migrants in Türkiye’s waters.

Specific objective(s)

The three specific objectives are:

1. To provide the Turkish Coast Guard (TCG) with advanced technical equipment and related training to effectively conduct search and rescue operations at sea.

2. To enhance the capacities of the TCG in the field of humanitarian border management to further enable the TCG to respond to migration flows, while safeguarding the human rights of migrants.

3. To uphold the well-being and prevent burnout of the TCG search and to rescue personnel by providing them with professional psychosocial support.


Ankara, Antalya, Çanakkale, Izmir, Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Adana, Balikesir, Hatay, Mugla

Target groups

Turkish Coast Guard Command

Expected results

1. The TCG has been provided with state-of-the-art technical equipment and related training to successfully conduct search and rescue operations at sea.

2. The skills and knowledge of the TCG staff in responding to mass migration flows across the sea, with full respect to international and national obligations and the human rights of migrants, have increased.

3. A mobile team of psychologists has been established and the TCG has received professional staff care on a regular basis to prevent potential burnout.

Main activities

1. Procurement of six Search and Rescue vessels for the TCG.

2. Provision of a tailored training program on the use of the supplied vessels for selected TCG staff.

3. Designing and carrying out one 7-day Training of Trainers for 25 TCG staff on international migration law (IML) and training skills, in support of the training capacities on migration management of the TCG Training and Education Command in Antalya.

4. Six 3-day cascaded trainings of maximum 200 TCG staff under the framework of Humanitarian Border Management.

5. Design and implementation of seven 3-day trainings for 300 TCG staff on effective communication to support culturally and protection-sensitive communication with migrants and refugees.

6. Conducting weekly focus groups by an expert psychologist in each location where the TCG personnel is based.

7. Provision of individual counselling sessions on a weekly basis by expert psychologists to the TCG personnel deployed in the field.


Progress of Action as of 30 April 2019

State of progress


Progress against Facility Results Framework


• 1.089 persons received training on migration related topics

¹ The data in this Factsheet is sourced from the SUMAF Data Management System. SUMAF is a Facility monitoring and evaluation services project managed by the European Union Delegation to Türkiye.

² A ‘cumulative’ indicator reports the total value of the indicator since the start of the Action.